Patrick Dessalle

Patrick Dessalle

IT Engineer, Web Developer

Brussels, Belgium icon : patrickdessalle icon twitter : patrickdessalle

About me

I'm an IT Engineer with a strong experience in Java related technologies (J2EE, BPEL, JUnit, ...) in my professional career.
I have strong experience in Open Source software (Python, PHP, Django, GTK, ...) from my personnal activities.

In my spare time, I'm involved in some open source projects and I'm the main developer of periscope. My participation to the open source movement is mainly end-user oriented.

I've also created and managed over the years websites totalizing over 1.5 millions visitors and 5 millions pages views in 2008 (source: Xiti). Some of my web experience (XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, SEO optimisation, ...) comes from there.


My Web Apps is a meta search engine for subtitles. It is based on the code from periscope. is a price comparison engine that compares the price of a shopping cart and tells you where you should buy each item in order to save the most (including shipping costs). (on hold) is a portfolio management tool that allows you to track your performance and keep ideas and share them with others. Still under beta.

Open source projects


periscope is an open source application to download subtitles. It is a python module that is reusable to fetch subtitles based on the video name or meta information from the video (hash, video size, video length, ...)


I've participated to various open source projects by submitting patches using different programming languages (C++, Java, Python): pidgin-musictracker, Apache Mina, emesene, Hermes Messaging Gateway, ...


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Current position

I currently (since March 2009) work for Babelway, an EDI solution for B2B. It distinguishes itself from its competitors due to its SaaS approach and its web based visual mapping tool. Babelway feature a catalogue of connectors and file formats that allows new users to quickly integrate with their business partners.

Previous positions

October 2007 to March 2009 : R&D Developer at Clear2Pay a payement and payment-related solution builder for financial institutions. I worked in the R&D team for OPF, the Open Payement Framework. It is a SOA-based payement solution that can be customized to fit the needs of financial institutions.

September 2006 to September 2007 : J2EE Developer at Electrabel, Belgium's leading electricity producer. I've worked on their extranet applications


IT Engineering

2001-2006 : I hold a bachelor and a master degree in Engineering from the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) with a specialisation in Computer Sciences. My first year was spent at the KULeuven.


2009-2011 (expected) : I'm currently taking evening classes to get a Master in Business and Management at the Solvay Business School.